Sep 21, 2007

Worthless Court Time

Well, we got there and when he walked in I got pretty emotional. Then they kicked everyone out that was not on the dockett. So there went mom and there went my emotions. Anyway, it turned out that they just gave us papers saying they would see us in divorce court on Oct. 11. So I don't know if they dismissed everything or felt since we were already getting a divorce they would handle it then. I dunno. I did ask him if he wanted to be involved with the baby appointments and he said yes. So we'll see. I would love for him to be involved. It is his child too and it is important for me to give this child and this man a chance to be involved with each other. My child deserves a dad.

So that was it! Now I'm back at work and very sleepy!

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SeasideQuilts said...

Just wanted to say Hi! It's Rachel from BBC... Sorry about the emotional day. It is good that he wants to be involved.


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