Sep 15, 2007

Go Figure

Well guess who is feeling guilty and wants me back. Haha. DAH has been apologizing and telling me we can work this out for the past hour. He is down the street at a friends house. I hope he leaves me alone tonight. It makes me soooo mad. He even said he regrets the hateful things he has said about the baby. I believe someone has made him mad or dumped him. That is the only thing I can think of why the change of heart. Rhonda thinks maybe him and his dad got in a fight and he can't go back home. I don't care what it is. I'm all pissed off again. Yes he can be a great guy and make me happy, but how many more times must I catch him and be told he is cheating? TOO MANY!! I now have another being to protect from him and me and this baby come first! Ugh! Going to bed, goodnight!

BTW, I have a terrible belly ache and I strongly feel it is stress related. I was fine until he started messaging me. Off to sleep....

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