Sep 25, 2009

As for me...

I will serve the Lord.

So, this post is to relieve the many burdens on my shoulders at this time. I am not looking for sympathy, but sure wouldn't mind some prayers.

I need out of my house. I need someone else to take over. I am done emotionally and financially. As known before, I cannot divorce DAH until the house is sold or until I release him of financial obligation. I have had two prospective renters, which neither turned out.

My only other option is to relist the house, for a lower price, and pray that the right buyer comes along. Unfortunately, I need it sooner than later.

You see, I am completely stubborn and independent. I have worked my tail off to be this way and no don't want to falter on what I have accomplished to be this way. I have put tax returns, rebate checks, I have sold stuff on Craigslist, I am coaching three sports at work, all to go to Olivia's daycare funds and an emergency fund. I am not receiving child support for daycare so it is all on me.

Well... all was well if the house would have sold within the past 16 months it had been on the market. Well, the time as now come to where the daycare funds are not enough for next month. Yes, the emergency fund is there and this WILL be an emergency, but I REALLY need the house to sell.

It has been so hard emotionally to be so up and down, excited and disappointed. My mind is spinning, my stomach is in knots, and yet I am doing it. I am conquering my life. I am responsible for my finances and my daughter's. I will get through this.

I will put my trust in God. I will give more this month than ever. I will believe. I will hand it over. I will look for the good. I will sell things. I will pocket whatever I can. I will get through this.

I have always said... "Everything will be fine until October. In October we will worry." Well folks, put your hands together and instead of worrying for me.... please pray. Pray for guidance, for strength, for courage, for calmness, for the right path.

Sep 17, 2009

My favorite things....

I thought I would share a few of my favorite things. These have all been my life savers lately. I encourage you to share yours as well!

Your Baby Can Read - We are borrowing these videos from my friend Cindy. This is one of the two shows Olivia will sit and watch. She LOVES it! If you say "Let's go watch the video!" she will run to the TV. We don't watch TV much in the house. I, myself, am not a big TV watcher, so she loves it! And yes, I am seeing that it works. She can see the word dog written and know to bark. She has become so much more aware of words, written and vocalized. It is amazing.

Sugar-free Jello - This stuff is packed in my lunch every single day. It is a very sweet and easy snack to eat. I know that it is only 1 point - weight watchers - and can fulfill my sweet craving for a bit! My favorite is the Boston Cream Pie or the Vanilla Chocolate Swirl.
Floss - I know, weird, right? I have teeth issues and always have (Thanks, Mom!) and to finally find a floss that works, doesn't shred, and FEELS good has been amazing! Thank you Crest!

The next one is a BIG thank you to my sister, Andrea! I LOVE my cereal cup! I use it at least twice a week. The top part holds cereal and the bottom part is freezable and holds the milk. My staff now knows that when they see the cereal cup, I have had a rushed morning! I can prepare it, throw it in the car, and eat my breakfast when I get to work. LOVE IT!
AND last but not least... these tiny little decadent morsels help me throughout my day. My students will do almost anything for a Tootsie Roll and I can't blame them. So small, yet, so wonderful!!

SO..... what are YOUR favorite things?!!

Sep 16, 2009

Just not right.... one year ago...

and now this.... Where has my baby gone?!

Time sure does fly!

Hold on to those babies!!

Sep 12, 2009

It has been awhile...

Good day Friends!

So, I have been reading blogs lately.... a lot.... and have finally felt the guilt of not writing on my own! :)

So, I have been back to work a month now. Things are going well in the classroom. I have 16 of my 'old' students who returned to me, so it has been easy to get the year started. I have a student teacher. Sometimes I reflect on my own teaching habits and wonder if I should be teaching someone else. It helps me keep my own attitude in check. She is the complete opposite of me... shy, quiet, and polite. HAHA. I am also coaching flag football for our school's team. It has been great to bond with these kiddos. I also must keep in mind that these are children... they need to know how to respect the sport, have fun, and respect each other. It is NOT the NFL.

I am still holding on to the house, unfortunately and fortunately. I love my home. I would love to live in my home for many more years to come. On the other hand, it is a thorn in my side. It is big... too big for just me and Olivia. I spend more time cleaning it than I do living in it. And, emotionally..... ready to move on. This is now just a living environment to me. The old memories and activities are long gone for me. Yes, Olivia and I are creating our own memories, but it is hard. It has been on the market for 16 months with no promising bites and now trying to rent it. Once again, no serious bites. So, if you have a moment, please pray that God will take care of this situation in His time.

As for Olivia:

The girl couldn't be any cuter. Oh boy is she a handful, but those times are outweighed by her pure sweet personality!
- We are obviously walking.... no, running! Loves to run and when you said "I'm gonna get you...." she takes off the other way, quickly!!
- Loves her baby dolls. We are working on getting her the baby doll sets; highchair, stroller, bed, etc. for the baby dolls.
- She loves to be sung to. Favorites right now are Itsy Bitsy Spider, If You're Happy and You Know It.
- She loves milk. I cannot give her milk with her meal. She will do nothing but drink instead of eat.
- We cat say meow and woof woof. We are working on moooooooo!
- She follows many simple step instructions. "Shut the door, open the door, put it in the trash, bring it to Mommy", etc...
- Last time I weighed her she was 21 pounds.
- She has all four molars. Now just awaiting the 'eye teeth'. Oh yay.
- I really want to be done with diapers at the age of 2. So, we are sitting on the potty anytime we do a diaper change. She has not yet pee'd, but we will take it slow.

Okay.. she is getting restless with mommy sitting here and typing. I shall leave you all with recent pictures!


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