Nov 30, 2008

A Texas Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Olivia, Mom, Dad, and I made the trek to Texas. We enjoyed spending time with Andrea and Rex. I wish you guys lived closer! Olivia was able to have her first turkey. At first, she wasn't too sure. In the end, she ate it. But I believe she preferred the mashed potatoes. For the record, these mashed potatoes had so much butter, they were YELLOW. Yummy!! We enjoyed Thanksgiving at Rex's sister's house. Wonderful food and wonderful people. They also have this small horse...well... really it is a dog named Max. Olivia was fascinated and even got to ride him! :) Picture to follow.
As always, us girls headed out Friday morning for some shopping frenzy! We were at Target at about 5am. Got some good deals! After returning to Andrea's about 1pm, we all crashed for a nice needed nap.
It was a great trip. Olivia is not sleeping so well... which is frustrating for all involved, but I hope to gain back control soon. Right now she is crying in her swing because she is fighting sleep... oy.
Enjoy the pictures!

Nov 26, 2008

Crying it out..

This occurred on Monday night....

So the time is 11:42. My daughter has been asleep for almost two hours. Right now she is gearing up for a crying fit. I can hear her on the monitor. We used to be a glistening sleeper. Going to sleep every night at 8 or 8:30 and sleeping until 6 or 6:30. Weeellll... not so much lately. Since Grandpa's sickness and getting home at all hours of the night, bedtime has become closer to 9:30 - 10pm. Ouch. Ouch for Olivia and ouch for Mommy.

Sooo... I believe with all the time she has been spending with Mom, she has become very needy. If I were to walk in there right now and scoop my sweetie up, rock her for 3 minutes, she would be back in sleepland. Now, the question I have asked myself and others, how do I break this routine of waking up every 3-4 hours to be 'comforted'? I know she isn't hungry, she ate a large bottle before bed, she got a bath, and a fresh rump... so, I just sit here and listen.

I have never been a fan of 'crying it out' but I know she is capable of sleeping all night. I didn't think she was capable of knowing how to 'pull Mommy's strings' but apparently she is old enough to know I will go in and scoop her up, as I always do. Can you tell I'm babbling to keep myself busy while she cries.... Don't get me wrong... she is not screaming bloody murder and you can still tell it is a sleepy cry...

The time is now 11:48. Five more minutes and I will go scoop her up. LOL As Michel said earlier today... 'Letting your daughter cry, knowing she has been cared for, is not child abuse".So I wait... and wait... and torture...and torture...Please Olivia.. put yourself back to sleep... you need sleep... Mommy needs sleep... You can do it!...

It is getting quieter... really... is it really happening? If she self soothing?! LOL I feel like a moron, but typing it out is keeping me sane...The time is 11:51... the crying has stopped.
My Grandfather walked to the arms of Jesus on Monday, Nov. 10th. After struggling with pancreatic cancer, emphezema, COPD, and an array of other illnesses he finally let go.

After been through losing both of my grandfathers, I still can't figure out what is best. My first grandfather went suddenly with no warning. My second grandfather, we knew he was going to die and were able to say our goodbyes and hear his last wishes. Obviously, both tragic, but not sure which one I would relive again.

He was 80 years old and lived a very very full life. I am so glad my daughter was able to meet him. She LOVED him. Would just smile and laugh anytime she was in the same room with him. It was bliss. I am so sad she won't know/remember him. Kind of morbid, but even at the funeral home... when she saw him laying in the casket, she would still just smile and giggle. Completely priceless.


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