Mar 21, 2010

The Trouble with English Language

So, I am trying to teach my child to talk, right? But also, I am attempting to teach her to understand what she is saying and what people are saying to her, right?

So when I say rock... Should she go to her rocking chair or go outside to find a small pebble?

When I say you are making a mess while folding laundry.. it is only ideal that she grabs a towel and wipes her face.... because of course, Mom, when I make a mess, you wipe my face.

Or when I go to the fridge and say "Cheese"... she gives me a ginormous fake smile... lol.

It is going to be a challenge... lol.


Mar 19, 2010

Random Pictures

Hi there...

Okay, okay, I know, I know. I'm sorry! I have just not had the motivation lately!

Some highlights:
- I passed my Texas State Certification tests. One step closer to being able to teach in Texas. Still extremely nervous, but getting really excited to be close to my sister.
- Olivia is becoming more and more verbal. We are still not saying many two word sentences, but here are a few: "Yay Mommy!", "Up please", "More please", "Baby night night".

- My little girl is recognizing more and more things and saying the names than I thought she knew. For instance, she looked in the fridge and said "Jello" and proceeded to take out a jello cup. The one was finding a school bus in a book and instantly saying "school bus".

- I attempted to try big girl panties for a day. Haha.. a day. Really, only the morning hours before we had peed through all of the panties. She would back up and say "wet wet" as she was tinkling all over the floor. lol

- Olivia started saying "owie" while peeing on Wednesday. She was also holding herself. So, I took her for in a possible UTI. They had to use a catheter on her because she wouldn't pee in the potty. That was by far the worst thing I have had done to her. I held her close and tried to sing to her through my own tears. And the sad part, they didn't get anything out after all. Nana amazingly got her to potty and then the test was negative. They think it could just be due to potty training. Maybe she knows she is not supposed to go in her diaper, so she tries to hold it? Either way, we have taken away bubble baths and backing away from the panties for a while.

- I am FINALLY divorced!!! It took 30 months, but it is done. I have mixed feelings about this, but am relieved to be done and finally say "ex husband". I still struggle with feeling I failed at my marriage and could have done more to make it work. But then again, I know I put up with so much and even if I did more, who knows if it would have worked out or only backfired?

- I will be in Texas for the next six weekends, except for one. Thankfully I am getting the chance to go without Olivia (its hard to adjust for just a two night trip) and two of the trips I am getting to fly.

- Work is going well. I can't believe April is almost here. State testing is coming up and of course all the drama/stress that occurs with it!

I will post some pictures next!


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