Apr 21, 2009

Wow.... Where has time gone?!

I really thought I had updated since the big arrival, but I guess not!! I'm so sorry!

Olivia's little cousin, Astoria Annette, arrived on April 5. We couldn't be happier! Mom, Dad, and I all made it there in time for her debut and we also there the following weekend for Easter. It was so hard leaving them all, but they will be in OKC next week! Yahoo! Olivia didn't like Astoria too much. Well, I guess I should say she didn't like the attention that Astoria took away from her!

We also spent Easter with Rex's family. Mom, Dad, and I all had bouts with food poisoning, so Dad stayed in bed. But, Olivia got to enjoy some quality time with Rex's nephews. She especially loved Chad. Here she is hamming it up with him.

Olivia had a great Easter! She loves collecting Eggs at the Tinker Easter Egg hunt, but.... well, I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Yeah, she doesn't like the easter bunny... also recently found out she doesn't like clowns or horses. What kind of daughter am I raising?!
We have been enjoying the sunshine and our friend T.J. As some of you know, he is Olivia's future husband. It has already been arranged. :)


Will post after the First Birthday Bash coming up on May 2!


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