Sep 22, 2010

The Balloon Festival

One of the best things about living in Texas so far is the vast amount of things always taking place! Last weekend the Kleckner's and the Deibler's attended the Plano Balloon Festival. We poured sweat but it was great fun! Olivia loved the 'fire balloons' and is still asking about them. Her normal response is "They went up up and away!" And we can't forget the fried pickles drenched in Ranch dressing! YUM YUM!
I really never thought I'd leash my child, but she loves the 'packpack'. She walked the entire festival, no stroller needed! I was so proud of her!
Hmm.... attitude much? She was in the middle of throwing a fit, so I informed her I was going to take her picture. She yelled "No!" and I snapped it. :) This is a normal look we get.... quite often!

This was Olivia's first inflatable slide encounter. It took her awhile to climb up, but once she was up there, it was full steam ahead! I don't think she anticipated the quickness of her decent!

The two cousins sharing a bench at the balloon festival. This is about the only thing shared. Haha. They love each other, I'm sure, but fight continually. One usually provides a peace offering, but it is always the item that is NOT wanted.

Sorry for the low picture quality. I had to steal it from Facebook since my sister isn't too great at sharing pictures. :P My daughter is obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba or in her words 'Go Abba Abba". We watch in the car, we watch at home, we watch at Andrea's, we watch at Nana's. Anywhere there is a TV she is CERTAIN YGG must be on it! They are coming live in December to Frisco. And yes, we will be attending. Hahaha, hopefully they won't scare her!

Just a quick update of our lives! :)


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