Feb 6, 2011

To All the Single Mamas.... All the Single Mamas..

It is time I put these thoughts to paper... no, that's not right, to the internet!

Today is Sunday, we have been out of school since last Monday. A freak ice/snow storm hit North Texas and we were out of school, therefore Olivia was out of daycare. Let's get the obvious out of the way... it wasn't expected and I've never really had a desire to be a stay at home Mom. Now, before the tomatoes start throwing... I LOVE my daughter, but I followed my dreams into my career as well. I LOVE teaching young minds and therefore my heart is in a career. I do believe being a stay-at-home mom IS a career... especially after these last 6 days... trust me.

What I did WRONG these six days:
-I let my daughter cry a bit in the mornings so that she would sleep in longer.
-I let Nick Jr. be her teacher. Namely, Dora, Diego, and Wonder Pets.
-I yelled... a lot more than I should ever again.
-I let her eat powdered donuts for breakfast... and lunch... and sometimes dinner.
-I let her tell me NO more than she ever should have... but it wasn't worth the fight.
-I let her sit on the couch to eat dinner.
-I let her eat ice/snow off her boots (eek!).
-I made it very clear to her when I was NOT happy. This made her cry. She would cry and say "Please be happy Mommy, you're happy." (Tear.)

What I did RIGHT these six days:
-I let my daughter help make her own pancakes.
-I taught her how to dump her potty WITHOUT it getting all over the toilet seat and herself.
-I taught her how to make a snow ball.
-I taught her the importance of taking a nap so she wouldn't be grumpy... I was about 75% successful.
-I taught her how to eat snow.... but not necessarily from her boots.
-I let her eat snow ice cream.
-I taught her how to turn on and off the TV.... this may or may not have been a good thing... the decision is still out.
-I taught her WHY Mommy wasn't happy. "Mommy is only happen when you LISTEN, Olivia, and right now you are not LISTENING to Mommy. Mommy is NOT happy."

Sigh. It has been a tough week. Therefore, my post concludes to the single Moms out there. It is not fun all the time, it is not easy all the time, it is not rewarding all the time... but what it is all the time is life. This is my life and this is how I live it: One step at a time, looking back to only improve, and moving forward with purpose. I am stronger because my daughter HAS TO rely on me. I am stronger because I AM her LIFE. If I don't do it... who else will?

What makes you stronger?

Feb 5, 2011

Her Mind Goes a Mile a Minute...

Here is the conversation that took place this morning in about 3 minutes:

I had just gotten out of the shower and was getting dressed in my room. Olivia LOVES to 'jumpy-jumpy' on my bed, so she was watching me while jumping.

O: What's that?
M: A bra.
O: A baa?
M: Yes, it goes over Mommy's boobies.
O: I want boobies.
M: You will have them, soon enough.
O: Oh, I think I have some in my room.
O: Mommy, come hold my hands so I can jumpy high.
M: Okay
O: You don't have shirt on. You can't hold my hands if you don't have shirt on. Put shirt on first.
M: Okay.
-I go to the closet and choose an orange OSU shirt.-
O: You wearin' a orange shirt like Nana?
O: You borrowin' it from Nana?
M: No, I have one and Nana has one.
O: Oh, Nana wants her shirt back.
O: Now come hold my hands because you not naked anymore.
-So, I hold her hands so she can jump 'higher'.-
O: I'm like superman, Mommy, but I don't have a cape!

I mean really... where do these things come from?! Her language is becoming so clear and she is finally carrying on a two sided conversation. It is great and I can't wait to see what else comes out of her mouth... or maybe I can. :)


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