Feb 5, 2011

Her Mind Goes a Mile a Minute...

Here is the conversation that took place this morning in about 3 minutes:

I had just gotten out of the shower and was getting dressed in my room. Olivia LOVES to 'jumpy-jumpy' on my bed, so she was watching me while jumping.

O: What's that?
M: A bra.
O: A baa?
M: Yes, it goes over Mommy's boobies.
O: I want boobies.
M: You will have them, soon enough.
O: Oh, I think I have some in my room.
O: Mommy, come hold my hands so I can jumpy high.
M: Okay
O: You don't have shirt on. You can't hold my hands if you don't have shirt on. Put shirt on first.
M: Okay.
-I go to the closet and choose an orange OSU shirt.-
O: You wearin' a orange shirt like Nana?
O: You borrowin' it from Nana?
M: No, I have one and Nana has one.
O: Oh, Nana wants her shirt back.
O: Now come hold my hands because you not naked anymore.
-So, I hold her hands so she can jump 'higher'.-
O: I'm like superman, Mommy, but I don't have a cape!

I mean really... where do these things come from?! Her language is becoming so clear and she is finally carrying on a two sided conversation. It is great and I can't wait to see what else comes out of her mouth... or maybe I can. :)

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