Jan 20, 2011

Potty Training: Day 3, 4, 5, 6, 345, 746....

Well... we are still here, still training! The 3 day method definitely threw us into the routine and made me not want to go back to diapers, but, let's face it, my daughter was not a 3-day trained graduate. Her BFF, TJ, though was! He is doing amazingly well and shows that the program DOES work for the... the... not SO stubborn child! :)

Olivia is still holding her pee like a camel. I think the longest we have seen is about 14 hours. Then, she fights and resists going to sit on the potty. So, her bladder gets so full, she can't hold it anymore and has an accident.

Nana stayed home with Olivia on day 4... there was some success and several accidents. Olivia was back to daycare on Day 5 with two accidents and one potty trip. Today is Day 6... we finally had more potty trips than accident trips! YEAH OLIVIA!!! She went twice at daycare and had two accidents. Tonight she went twice and had one accident. Thankfully, she has the BM routine down pat! I would much rather clean up wet panties than soiled ones. Ew.

We are still working on her not resisting the potty so much. I definitely have to watch for clues at ALL times! But, sitting on the potty and covering ourselves with stickers seems to get the 'flow' going. And gum and chocolate just add to the fun! :)

Thanks for all the support from everyone! Check back, I'm sure we will still be potty learning for many more months to come!!

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