Jan 15, 2011

Potty Training: Day 1

It has been a very productive January in our house! Before Christmas I decided it was time for Olivia to venture into 'Panty-land'... not be confused with Candyland by any means! This weekend is a three day weekend for us, so, the date was set! After reading the 3 Day Potty Training Method I decided it may work for us. So, at the beginning of the year, I converted Olivia's crib into the toddler bed and took away her beloved sippy cup. The first two nights were rough, but since then, smooth sailing.
Yes, she had to have her own tools and help with the process.
The final result!This was the purpose for panties back in December... decorative headgear.

Before Olivia woke up, everything was lined up. I was going to let her choose her potty, her underwear, and her socks.

I created a Potty Chart that was intended to get progressively more challenging as the day went on.
This morning, she still wanted to try out the 'headgear' and even added a piece! Thankfully, this didn't become a habit!At 9:00am, the panties were on and the couches were covered! Nana did an amazing job of keeping her occupied all day!
We quickly discovered Olivia didn't mind sitting on the potty, but she did NOT want to GO in the potty. So, from 9am until AFTER nap at 3pm, we did not see one ounce of urine! I was frustrated that she was holding it, knowing she needed to go.

Between 3pm and 8pm the stats were:
Pee in potty: 0
Pee in panties/floor: 5
Poop: 0

Around 7:30pm I told her to go into the bathroom and try to go potty by herself. Miraculously, she was all about that idea! She went in there many times and pulled down her panties and would sit, put them back on, come out and announce "I can't go yet!"
We started bedtime routine around 8pm. At 8:20pm she came out of her room and told me she was going to try "one more time".
All I could hear was her talking to Nana "I'm doing it! Can you hear it Nana? I'm doing it! See!" And then the crowd went wild! WOOHOO!!!
Who cares if she gets chocolate at 8:30pm, we peed!!!

Now, we are just hoping for a dry and quiet night!
Stay tuned for Day 2!


Christina said...

Awesome! I'd say that's great progress! Way to go, Olivia! :)

Jennifer said...

YAY for Olivia!!! I'm so proud of her and Mommy for making it through day 1 of potty training!


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