Jan 17, 2011

Potty Training: Day 2

Sorry it is a little late!

Night 1 - We were up at midnight with some sort of terrible dream. She was dry and refused to sit on the potty. She then slept till I woke up her at 9am - she was wet then.

The day was pretty non-productive. She held it for a crazy amount of time. We would have a few dribbles, but she wouldn't finish in the potty.

We did have luck with the bm stage though! She was trying to go, got up, tried to run to her bedroom, but I caught her and set her on the toilet. She went like a pro! I think she is still scared to let things out of her body, but we are trying to work on that!

About 20 minutes after that she went pee... and that was all! This all happened about 6:30pm.

She went to bed at 9pm. No pee in between those two times. I woke her up at 2am, she sat but didn't go. I woke her up again at 6:15am.. she refused to sit. So, I finally woke her up for good at 8:30am. She was STILL dry!

Stay tuned for day 3! This is where we hope it all CLICKS!

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