Jan 3, 2011

Thanksgiving and Christmas

So, I know it has been a loooooong time since I last posted, so we are going to cram together two holidays!

November 2010
There is a child-sized train that drives around the mall here. She, of course, wanted to ride... so, I sent her off! (With Astoria too!)

Can you see Astoria and Olivia's head? Such big girls!

In Oklahoma I didn't have any big trees, therefore no leaves to rake. Well, welcome to Texas where we are surrounded by them! Sixteen bags later and lots of jumping, we were finished!

Always wanting to help.

For some reason, I have no pictures of Thanksgiving... I guess Andrea has them, but we went to OKC for Thanksgiving and had a great time! We put up our Christmas tree as soon as we got back! Olivia loved putting decorations on and wanted two or three on each branch.

Our first picture with Santa. She was just fine with me sitting in on the picture!

Waiting for our portraits at JCPenney. My little girl is sooo grown up!
They weren't always so sure of Santa, so this trip to the mall we didn't even dress them up *knowing* they wouldn't sit on his lap. Well, that is what we get for trying to assume anything! Loving Olivia's fake smile these days.

When we got to Oklahoma we went to a cookie decorating party! She actually stuck with it and decorate the entire cookie and ate every bite!

Before we left for Oklahoma, Nana sent us all the goodies to complete our Advent calendars. Olivia wasn't too sure of the reasoning, but she never complained about having a piece of candy, usually for breakfast. :)

Christmas morning! Look at all the goodies that Santa brought!!
The amazing grandkid picture has now turned into the amazing great-grandkid picture. I can't believe we are grown ups and have our own children. It is amazing!
L-R: Astoria, Olivia, Nash, Braxton, Andrew, Addison, Austen

Granny spoiled Olivia this Christmas with many toys. The top favorite is this toy camera. Anytime I grabbed my camera, she had to have hers. I love how you can see her little eye peeking through. :)

And just a random picture of the two of us. She loves to be in her tent and this time demanded I join her!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

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