Jan 3, 2011

A Year is Worth a Thousand Words...

Get ready for picture overload!!! Here is Olivia's 2010 journey...


She was always ready and willing to dance. She loved 'Ring Around the Rosey' and 'If You're Happy and You Know It'

Her favorite place in the kitchen was always on top of the island. She wanted to be in the action at all times.

She loved her baby cousin, Astoria. We didn't get to see her much, but when we did she wanted to be right by 'baby' at all times.


Olivia's best friend was/is TJ Yarnell. They are only two months apart, lived in the same neighborhood, and went to the same daycare. The two were inseparable!


She loved, and still does, wearing one piece pajamas. I think they are toooo cute!

My big girl all dressed up for church.

Cousin love at the zoo!

So I thought maybe she was ready for potty training... well, yeah, that didn't work. But she looked super cute in her undies!!

Wearing other people's shoes was a lot of fun!


Olivia and Nana at Astoria's 1st Birthday Party. This girl LOVES her Nana!


A girl and her Pops are also best buddies. In this picture she looks so much like me when I was little!

Don't let the innocent look full you.... this girl can be a MESS!


Always willing to "help" in Mommy's classroom.

Olivia celebrated her 2nd Birthday with an Elmo theme and her cake made by Aunt Andrea.

She was definitely the star of the show and had her bounce house too!


We spent many afternoons at spray parks trying to get Olivia and TJ used to the water. They loved it and so did we!

On the kitchen island again with that innocent looking grin...

Olivia loves all kinds of animals including this gigantic turtle we found roaming around our front yard.


Where did my little girl go? We had some beautiful pictures taken in Granny's backyard.

Olivia's little smirk we have all grown to know and "love".

Olivia and TJ attended swimming lessons in July. My usual not-so-daring daughter LOVED the water. I would have to watch her very closely to make sure she was still in eyesight and was able to touch the bottom wherever she was!

We spent 4th of July at Nana and Pop's lake house at Lake Tenkiller. Of course, Olivia LOVED riding along with Nana.

Still not potty training, but she loves to be naked and loves to read book, so why not?

In July I made the biggest decision of my life. Olivia and I packed up and moved to Texas. I had a wonderful job waiting for me as well as the Kleckner's super excited to have someone close! The move was tiring and I still find myself missing Oklahoma. Yet, life is improving daily!

Our little family starting new in Texas!

Olivia and Astoria

Trotting along at the Arboretum.


This is Olivia's stubborn temper tantrum look. Cute, huh?

Her first big bounce house slide.

She is finally old enough to play some of the games at Chuck E Cheese!


This Halloween, Olivia was a skunk and Astoria was a Flamingo.

My big girl.

She is approximately 5 pumpkins tall.


She loves to "cheese" as long as she gets to "see" the picture of herself afterwards!


My blue-eyed beauty lights up my life everyday!
Enjoying her presents Christmas morning.


Wow! Look how much she has changed and how much has changed in our lives!!! I am so very blessed to have a healthy and happy daughter.
Bring on 2011!


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Wow she has changed so much in a year! I love the nakie pic on the potty, I foresee you showing that in some embarrassing ways when she is older :)

Christina said...

I loved looking at Olivia's year in pictures! She's such a pretty girl!


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