Apr 27, 2008

Weekly Schedule

Okay... so here is the run down of the week.

Monday - Work - Take Chloe to dance - JCPenney - Find gifts for some very special people. Get nervous.

Tuesday - Work - Baby shower at work - Interurban with Mom and Granny - Unpack/wash/put together baby shower goodies. Freak out and try not to barf.

Wednesday - Try to get some sleep - eat IHOP stuffed French toast - Be admitted to hospital at 12pm. Start the cervidil. Hang out, enjoy people's company, see my sister, try not to become crazy.

Thursday - Start pitocin at some point. Receive epidural whenever possible - HAVE A BABY!!!!

Okay... so in a PERFECT world that is how it should go! Let's see how cooperative Baby Olivia will be!!

Apr 23, 2008

New Progress and Updates!

So... went to the doctor last Thursday where she did my first internal check. I was a fingertip dilated and 50% effaced. Weeellll... yesterday I was 1 cm and 80%. She was very impressed with my effacement. Now everyone is scaring me, because they say that means it could go quickly. Other people tell me if could still be weeks. Well, one week in our case.

So Dr. F got on the phone (during the appointment) and called Labor and Delivery. They have me set to go in April 30th at noon to start Cervidil. (A cervix ripening drug.) I am pretty nervous about this. She said to expect lots of cramping. Then Thursday morning they will start the actual induction with Pitocin. Nervous about that too!!

So, I believe with the way I am progressing thus far at not-quite 37 weeks, Olivia would have came before her due date anyway. I actually am glad to have a date. Yet, I know it takes the spontaneity out of it.

Nana is very worried about getting sewing done and Poppy (Yes, Poppy) is very worried about losing his wife!!

Aunt Andrea is just worried about making it in time!! LOL

Love to you all!

Apr 13, 2008

Me and My Thriftiness! :)

So let me tell you my events of today. So Andrea and I have been looking at Craigslist to find her furniture for her new house. Well, last night I was searching through Oklahoma City and typed in Microfiber. This was at 7:30pm. The first thing that popped up was a microfiber loveseat and a microfiber couch, both with recliners, for $200!!!!! I was stoked! Andrea was stoked too until she realized I was wanting them for my very own!! Haha. The couches had just been listed at 7:15pm. So, I instantly emailed the lady. I didn't hear back from her until this morning. By Noon the couches were mine! The lady said she had over 100 replies, which she obviously felt dumb for listing them so cheap!!! Anyway, I got home and thought okay... well.. now I have a couch and a chair I need to get rid of. Mind you, I picked these up off the side of the road in our neighborhood. They are comfy, but well loved. used, and abused. Haha.. so what did I do? I put them on Craigslist for $200. (Waaay too high for the quality, color, age of this couch and chair) SOLD within 5 hours!!! I had about 10 emails! Hahaha! The man just picked them up and paid me!
It was so much and I am not out ANY money!! YEAH for good finds!!

Apr 12, 2008

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Here is a slide show of the baby shower pictures. Enjoy!

Apr 8, 2008

We have another date!

Haha, because I am whiny and my doctor loves me, she agreed to inducing at 38 weeks. That's May 1st!!!!


So get ready, here she comes!!

The ultrasound looked perfect. Dr. F said she couldn't find anything wrong to even make up to be wrong, haha.

She is estimated to be about 4 lb 12oz right now. We got a really cute face shot, will scan and post soon.

Apr 1, 2008

We Have A Date!!

First off, induction date is scheduled for May 8th, a Thursday. She informed me today that that was the latest she would allow me to go. She does not allow her thryoid patients to go full term. So either way, Olivia would have been evicted even if I had other plans. I asked lots of questions. First off, she starts with the cervdil (?) (the cervix pill softener thing). Then, once the cervix is "ripe" she begins the pitocin. The pitocin is started at a 2 and she said I am free to roam around, change positions, bounce on a ball, etc, until I need my epi. (She likes her patients to wait until the pitocin is up to about a 14-18 before the epi, but will definitely approve when I am in pain) She prefers her patients with an epi to be in bed though due to the fact your legs are not all that stable. I also asked about the c/s rate for induced FTM moms. She said the national average is about 20% and her rate is MUCH lower. She believes that is because she doesn't jump to a c/s when things are progressing. She believes if your body isn't going fast, she waits it out unless the baby is in danger. So, all in all, I was VERY reassured.

Whew.... I'm sorry that was so long, I just had so much!!! AND, I get another u/s next week (A growth scan) to make sure she is on target due to my thyroid, etc. So I get to see her again!

YEAH!!!!!!! 37 more days and I will be a mommy. Or SOONER if little miss "kicking the doppler because she is tempermental" decides to come before that!! Haha... it took the nurse a bit to get her h/b because she kept kicking it. Like, it bouncing off my stomach kicks!!


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