Apr 23, 2008

New Progress and Updates!

So... went to the doctor last Thursday where she did my first internal check. I was a fingertip dilated and 50% effaced. Weeellll... yesterday I was 1 cm and 80%. She was very impressed with my effacement. Now everyone is scaring me, because they say that means it could go quickly. Other people tell me if could still be weeks. Well, one week in our case.

So Dr. F got on the phone (during the appointment) and called Labor and Delivery. They have me set to go in April 30th at noon to start Cervidil. (A cervix ripening drug.) I am pretty nervous about this. She said to expect lots of cramping. Then Thursday morning they will start the actual induction with Pitocin. Nervous about that too!!

So, I believe with the way I am progressing thus far at not-quite 37 weeks, Olivia would have came before her due date anyway. I actually am glad to have a date. Yet, I know it takes the spontaneity out of it.

Nana is very worried about getting sewing done and Poppy (Yes, Poppy) is very worried about losing his wife!!

Aunt Andrea is just worried about making it in time!! LOL

Love to you all!

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