Apr 27, 2008

Weekly Schedule

Okay... so here is the run down of the week.

Monday - Work - Take Chloe to dance - JCPenney - Find gifts for some very special people. Get nervous.

Tuesday - Work - Baby shower at work - Interurban with Mom and Granny - Unpack/wash/put together baby shower goodies. Freak out and try not to barf.

Wednesday - Try to get some sleep - eat IHOP stuffed French toast - Be admitted to hospital at 12pm. Start the cervidil. Hang out, enjoy people's company, see my sister, try not to become crazy.

Thursday - Start pitocin at some point. Receive epidural whenever possible - HAVE A BABY!!!!

Okay... so in a PERFECT world that is how it should go! Let's see how cooperative Baby Olivia will be!!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I am missing out on all the fun stuff, baby showers, get to gethers, etc. Please put pics on your blog so I can see what all you got and who came, etc.
Tell your MOM that I miss her and know that she is getting anxious as well. Praying that all goes "perfectly" and that I can see Olivia Rose on this blog by Thursday night!!!! You and baby O are in my prayers often. I love you niece!
Aunt Joyce

Zona said...

Interesting to know.


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