Apr 13, 2008

Me and My Thriftiness! :)

So let me tell you my events of today. So Andrea and I have been looking at Craigslist to find her furniture for her new house. Well, last night I was searching through Oklahoma City and typed in Microfiber. This was at 7:30pm. The first thing that popped up was a microfiber loveseat and a microfiber couch, both with recliners, for $200!!!!! I was stoked! Andrea was stoked too until she realized I was wanting them for my very own!! Haha. The couches had just been listed at 7:15pm. So, I instantly emailed the lady. I didn't hear back from her until this morning. By Noon the couches were mine! The lady said she had over 100 replies, which she obviously felt dumb for listing them so cheap!!! Anyway, I got home and thought okay... well.. now I have a couch and a chair I need to get rid of. Mind you, I picked these up off the side of the road in our neighborhood. They are comfy, but well loved. used, and abused. Haha.. so what did I do? I put them on Craigslist for $200. (Waaay too high for the quality, color, age of this couch and chair) SOLD within 5 hours!!! I had about 10 emails! Hahaha! The man just picked them up and paid me!
It was so much and I am not out ANY money!! YEAH for good finds!!

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Anonymous said...

It only goes to show that our GOD is in the details too! Such a blessing from above, don't ya think? Not only is His eye on the sparrow, but He watches over thee!!!
Love ya,
Aunt Joyce
p.s. now to find Andrea a real bargain or two! (didn't know she needed any)


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