Apr 1, 2008

We Have A Date!!

First off, induction date is scheduled for May 8th, a Thursday. She informed me today that that was the latest she would allow me to go. She does not allow her thryoid patients to go full term. So either way, Olivia would have been evicted even if I had other plans. I asked lots of questions. First off, she starts with the cervdil (?) (the cervix pill softener thing). Then, once the cervix is "ripe" she begins the pitocin. The pitocin is started at a 2 and she said I am free to roam around, change positions, bounce on a ball, etc, until I need my epi. (She likes her patients to wait until the pitocin is up to about a 14-18 before the epi, but will definitely approve when I am in pain) She prefers her patients with an epi to be in bed though due to the fact your legs are not all that stable. I also asked about the c/s rate for induced FTM moms. She said the national average is about 20% and her rate is MUCH lower. She believes that is because she doesn't jump to a c/s when things are progressing. She believes if your body isn't going fast, she waits it out unless the baby is in danger. So, all in all, I was VERY reassured.

Whew.... I'm sorry that was so long, I just had so much!!! AND, I get another u/s next week (A growth scan) to make sure she is on target due to my thyroid, etc. So I get to see her again!

YEAH!!!!!!! 37 more days and I will be a mommy. Or SOONER if little miss "kicking the doppler because she is tempermental" decides to come before that!! Haha... it took the nurse a bit to get her h/b because she kept kicking it. Like, it bouncing off my stomach kicks!!

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