Mar 26, 2008

New Pictures

So here are the 33 week pictures. Ew, stretch marks. At least they are low? I'm totally grossed out by them, but hey, it's life and if I have to have stretch marks to have my baby, bring them on! :) Went for my 2nd NST today. I am having severe back pain and Braxton Hicks, but everything is normal. Just my body 'gearing up'. My next appt. is April 1st, and hopefully then we will talk more about the induction. I am looking at May 9th as the date.

I am also including some pictures of Andrea and Rex. Haha... let me explain. Andrea learned how to hang blinds. But not without getting light headed, forgetting how to breathe, and developing her very own "stool" to sit on.

Rex - Well... you know... his shirt says it all!! He was supposed to be working, but yet, he decided the Easter Bunny needed to come visit while everyone else was working. LOL. It was a great laugh and we love him!


Anonymous said...

I had Amy at 36 or 37 weeks, so be ready, niece!!
Loved Rex's picture!
Aunt Joyce

Suzanne said...

hey woman! you rock that belly! congratulations!!! and as for the video camera, its a sony...i know that for sure! let me take a look at it and email you back! (email me so i wont forget! that is a very possible occurence! ha)


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