Mar 23, 2008


Just got back from Texas. Super sleepy but really miss my sister and mom! I wish I could have stayed there (but without all the manual labor! :) Had a really good trip. Andrea and Rex's new house is cute. They are doing so much work to it to make it their home, and that makes me happy. I would like to say it was nice and calm and relaxing. In reality, it was busy, went by way too fast, and was pretty painful. :) But it was so nice to be all together again.

April 5 is my first baby shower and I COULDN'T be more excited!! Rhonda has done sooo much (I am not allowed to know!) and she is super excited too.

So doctor will induce me early if I would like. Well, of course, if anyone knows me, of course I would like, haha. I'm completely impatient. I also want to be able to plan it to where my sub is covered, everyone that wants to be there is available (work, etc.) So, right now the day looks like May 9th. That is a Friday. Who knows if that day would be the day or if that weekend she would make her appearance? Also, will have to check with doc to see if that day is even available. So, that is where we stand.

Drum Roll Please.... THAT MEANS THERE IS ONLY 34 MORE WORK DAYS until I am a Mommy!!! WOWOWOW!!

Have a great week everyone! I also hope everyone had a good Easter! :) Loves!

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Anonymous said...

Other than Kellie's birthday on May 3, and now Olivia's on possibly the 9th, do we have other May birthdays that I am unaware of?

Did you get your Easter card from us?
Aunt Joyce


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