Nov 26, 2008

My Grandfather walked to the arms of Jesus on Monday, Nov. 10th. After struggling with pancreatic cancer, emphezema, COPD, and an array of other illnesses he finally let go.

After been through losing both of my grandfathers, I still can't figure out what is best. My first grandfather went suddenly with no warning. My second grandfather, we knew he was going to die and were able to say our goodbyes and hear his last wishes. Obviously, both tragic, but not sure which one I would relive again.

He was 80 years old and lived a very very full life. I am so glad my daughter was able to meet him. She LOVED him. Would just smile and laugh anytime she was in the same room with him. It was bliss. I am so sad she won't know/remember him. Kind of morbid, but even at the funeral home... when she saw him laying in the casket, she would still just smile and giggle. Completely priceless.

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