Nov 30, 2008

A Texas Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Olivia, Mom, Dad, and I made the trek to Texas. We enjoyed spending time with Andrea and Rex. I wish you guys lived closer! Olivia was able to have her first turkey. At first, she wasn't too sure. In the end, she ate it. But I believe she preferred the mashed potatoes. For the record, these mashed potatoes had so much butter, they were YELLOW. Yummy!! We enjoyed Thanksgiving at Rex's sister's house. Wonderful food and wonderful people. They also have this small horse...well... really it is a dog named Max. Olivia was fascinated and even got to ride him! :) Picture to follow.
As always, us girls headed out Friday morning for some shopping frenzy! We were at Target at about 5am. Got some good deals! After returning to Andrea's about 1pm, we all crashed for a nice needed nap.
It was a great trip. Olivia is not sleeping so well... which is frustrating for all involved, but I hope to gain back control soon. Right now she is crying in her swing because she is fighting sleep... oy.
Enjoy the pictures!

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