Sep 17, 2009

My favorite things....

I thought I would share a few of my favorite things. These have all been my life savers lately. I encourage you to share yours as well!

Your Baby Can Read - We are borrowing these videos from my friend Cindy. This is one of the two shows Olivia will sit and watch. She LOVES it! If you say "Let's go watch the video!" she will run to the TV. We don't watch TV much in the house. I, myself, am not a big TV watcher, so she loves it! And yes, I am seeing that it works. She can see the word dog written and know to bark. She has become so much more aware of words, written and vocalized. It is amazing.

Sugar-free Jello - This stuff is packed in my lunch every single day. It is a very sweet and easy snack to eat. I know that it is only 1 point - weight watchers - and can fulfill my sweet craving for a bit! My favorite is the Boston Cream Pie or the Vanilla Chocolate Swirl.
Floss - I know, weird, right? I have teeth issues and always have (Thanks, Mom!) and to finally find a floss that works, doesn't shred, and FEELS good has been amazing! Thank you Crest!

The next one is a BIG thank you to my sister, Andrea! I LOVE my cereal cup! I use it at least twice a week. The top part holds cereal and the bottom part is freezable and holds the milk. My staff now knows that when they see the cereal cup, I have had a rushed morning! I can prepare it, throw it in the car, and eat my breakfast when I get to work. LOVE IT!
AND last but not least... these tiny little decadent morsels help me throughout my day. My students will do almost anything for a Tootsie Roll and I can't blame them. So small, yet, so wonderful!!

SO..... what are YOUR favorite things?!!

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Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

Meredith, you are so right on with the tootsie rolls! They get ME through the day (eating them, not doling them out as rewards). And you have got to tell me if you think "Baby Can Read" really makes a difference for O. I watch that info-mercial all the time (love late night insomnia!) and I always wonder if it's worth the price!


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