Sep 23, 2007

Fatigue and Nausea

Well... it has all kicked in. As I sit here I am extremely tired, well, just feel worn out. Yet, if I go lay down, I can't sleep. I feel like I am in a daze. And this stomach stuff is no fun. I need to blog about it so I can remind myself for the next baby that it wasn't all bells and whistles. Haha, I'm kidding, I guess I don't have it as bad as others! But if I don't eat about every two-three hours, I get very light headed and my stomach hurts pretty bad. Yet, if I eat too much, I feel like crap too. So somewhere there must be a happy medium and I'm sure I'll find it somewhere. Mom and I went shopping yesterday and scrapbooked. I am finally caught up on Chloe's album. I went from Christmas to July in a matter of 3 hours! Haha. I suppose I will start collecting stuff for the baby album, of course starting with pregnancy.
I am off to Target today to look at their stickers and things and to buy the new candy corn Hershey Kisses. I LOVE candy corn and can't WAIT to try these!! ;)
Well fellow readers, have a great Sunday and enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)
Only 2 days until my appt!! Start praying she will do an ultrasound, I want to see my little Olive sooo bad! :)

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