Sep 14, 2007

Good Morning!

It's FRIDAY!!! All of us in teacher land... one more week down!!! Woohooo!!! So, for clarification on my little Olive... (Ginger) I thought the nickname was cute while she was growing! Haha, you know like people call their babies peanut or bean.... well, what about Olive? Not little green people dancing about, haha!! Also, more clarification, if it is a boy, it will NOT be Oliver. Haha

So I was walking around the neighborhood last night with Rhonda and Marie and I was thinking about my symptoms. I thought I should go ahead and blog about my first week symptoms so that when I get pregnant again (ever!) or maybe my SISTER gets pregnant, we can compare. The 3-4 DPO I got extrememly stuffy with my nose, watery eyes, etc. I thought it was allergies. Since I am also a baby-phanatic I was reading up on every symptom all the time. Well, cold-like symptoms were a sign of early pregnancy. I was tired and had bad headaches. (Now these were symptoms before my DAH went AWOL on me. But of course continued after that too.) Now, TMI ALERT, I also had a reallllly bad yeast infection. I had not had one in FOREVER and thought it was really weird. Once again, I googled it, sure enough it is a symptom of early pregnancy. Now the week after that which would be the week of Sept 3-7 I completely ignored anything I might have had. Of course I was in la la land at this point so I have no clue besides the YI. Well, sometime during that week (if that week would have been "normal") I would have been taking a HPT every single day, of course I didn't. So when I took it Saturday (Sept. 8) it was BRIGHT positive and VERY quickly!!

Whew, sorry for the novel! I am feeling pretty good this morning. I guess I know it is Friday. I am still battling fleas with my dogs. It makes me feel gross and I know it is killing them. They have been medicated twice and bathed and vacuumed, etc. They are still scratching this morning. I am throwing out all bedding today and getting the carpet stuff this afternoon. Please pray for a flealess house, I know, it makes me sound nasty, but really I don't know where or when they came!!!

Okay I love you all!! Have a great FRIDAY!

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