Sep 18, 2007


Well, one day down, four more to go. I went to the fair last night with Rhonda and her kiddos. Had lots of fun, but boy was I tired. But I did eat my Indian Taco and brought home a Candy Apple!
So I enter the building this morning and I have a little girl waiting outside for me (teacher's kid). She asked me what took so long. I am usually here about 7:40ish, but today it was closer to 8:15. She had been waiting since 7:30am. Haha, I am loved! :)
This may be waaaay to early, but things sitting on my tummy are already bothering me. I know it's bloating, but I really think the next pant size is coming soon. Its really uncomfortable when I sit down. This sucks. I know to the non-pregnant people, your thinking, she is just complaining and making up symptoms in her head. Well, pppbbbttt on you! :P
I received a wonderful journal and Chicken Soup book from my sister and Bro-in-law yesterday. It brought tears to my eyes, this is going to be wonderful! :)
Now if I could just stop worrying about all the bad things that can go wrong.
Have a fabulous day to all my readers!

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kay said...

I agree ppddff lol. Ignore the comments from people who haven't been through it. And expect people to (inadvertantly) hurt your feelings with rude comments they think nothing about and don't even consider rude. It's a whole different experience you can't explain. I forgot how fast the clothes get tighter lol. It gets better I promise. :)


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