Nov 6, 2013

Countdown to 30: Day 3

The year is 2010/2011 - I turned 27 years old!

For my 27th Birthday, my Oklahoma crew came to celebrate!  We all went to Pete's Dueling Piano Bar and had a giant sleepover at my house.  I miss these days!

December 2010 - We went to Oklahoma (as we always did) to spend Christmas.  Mom's house got a bit more cramped each year with all of us and all of our stuff, but we still made it work!

January came roaring in and we were ready for potty training!!  We decided to purchase and follow the 3-Day Potty Training Method - You can read all about those adventures...

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3 - Eternity!

It sure was an ADVENTURE!  Thanks so much to Nana for helping out!!
This must be a cool new hat!

"Helping" me make her big girl bed!

All these cool new hats to try!

February also comes in with a fury - A snow storm!!  I really thought I had escaped the snow storms when moving to Texas, but I was wrong.  My first year of Texas teaching and we were off work for 4-5 days because of SNOW!  That also meant by horrible, no good beautiful, fun daughter was also home with me!
It was a ridiculous amount of snow!
Remember to always keep your faucet dripping... or they may freeze.  UGH.
This post can sum up March 2011 for you.

April 2011

May 2011 - Olivia turned 3!  We traveled back to Oklahoma because that is where her friends were!

How did I get so lucky to call this little girl mine?  I still stare at her beautiful face and can't believe she is mine.  She is a product of me.  She is growing into the most caring, independent little girl and she came from ME?!

We were happy!

Just amazing.
Dora Birthday!
In June 2011 something crazy happened. There was this guy and Rex's beer and he turned out to be a pretty cool guy!  The picture from the evening I was looking for a date, not Tim we met.

He was sitting directly in front of me.
I blogged about it later one, but I will share part of it here.

June 9, 2011 

 I had been focusing on putting my heart-broken pieces back into a whole and decided I was ready to date again.  I was settled in Texas, I was happy with my job, and I was happy with myself. 

The first week of Summer School had just ended and Andrea and I were ready to celebrate.  We discovered that Rex had gone out for the night to Twin Peaks with his sister's family and his friend, Tim.  Now, I had met Tim a few times but never in a setting where we actually talked with each other.  It didn't provoke any thoughts except me getting a nice cold beer after a long week.  So, Andrea and I lined up a babysitter and sat out to crash 'man time'.  When we got there we decided it would be a great place to scout out men.  So, we sat next to one another with Rex and Tim on the other side of the table.  Well, this man, Tim, was in my way of all the guys sitting around the restaurant.  Therefore, we had to rely on Andrea's eyes to scope out the prey.  

After some small conversations I discovered Tim was single.  I instantly began thinking of who I could set this nice man up with.  Andrea and I snapped his picture and sent it off to one of our single friends.  Yet, she was already mingling with someone else and was not interested.  There was also no one in the restaurant that I was interested in, nor did I really want to strike up a conversation with anyone after a few too many beers.

After a few hours, Andrea and I decided we should probably go home.  Well, really, Andrea decided I needed to be cut off and she was taking me home, but you know, whatever.  Before leaving the table I quickly grabbed Rex's full beer and gave Tim a sideways glance.  He caught my eye, raised his own glass, and challenged me to chug Rex's beer.   I quickly accepted and completed the challenge right along with him.

Well, it may not be the most romantic first encounter/meeting, but it definitely sparked what was a lot more to come!

The next day (after some serious sleep!) I was at the Kleckner's and informed Rex that his friend Tim was actually pretty cute and pretty nice even though he had "forced" me to drink his beer.  So, we invited Tim over for dinner, which he accepted.  Of course this was a very impromptu dinner and I looked hideous!  Not to mention my then three year old was running around somewhere in just her underwear, I'm sure.  So, after the Deibler girls made themselves presentable we made it through a remotely peaceful dinner.  Olivia took very quickly to Mr. Tim and was even asking him for sips of his drink.  Mr. Tim couldn't really tell her no, so he would let her take a sip and then quickly wipe off his glass/straw where her mouth had been.  This still makes me laugh.

Rex eventually shared my number with Tim and I also received his number.  Let it be known, though, that I made the first move/text!  The texts never stopped and soon we were texting nonstop on a daily basis. 

 June 18, 2011

 I had just completed my GRE Exam to be accepted in Graduate School.  This, of course, called for a celebration!  I gathered a group of friends, the Kleckners, and Tim to have a celebratory dinner.

 Like the gentleman he is, Tim was quick to inform me of how beautiful I looked.  This guy already made me giddy and it had only been a week!  We had a nice group dinner at Chuy's and then went to the Londoner to hang out.  I guess this is where Tim felt more comfortable because I soon noticed a hand on my back, a hand reaching for mine, etc.  I was back in romance-land; butterflies in my stomach, rapid heartbeat, and sweaty palms.  This guy was getting to me!

After a long evening, Tim and I spent a good two hours talking in the Kleckner's driveway about anything we could.  It was wonderful and so carefree.

This is also the night I received my first kiss from the last guy I'll ever kiss.

The relationship took off quickly.  We saw each other almost nightly.  The text messages were sent and received all day, every day.  It was a perfect friendship and most importantly, he wanted to be around Olivia.  Mr. Tim was her main squeeze and she loved it.  Finally someone was around who would PLAY with her nonstop!

My parents knew of Tim almost immediately.  Tim was a little bit more reserved with his.  I believe it was October before his parents even knew of me.  From what I was told, his Mom was already in love with us before she even met me and Olivia.  She knew her Timothy was happy and that was all that mattered.  Tim's family is a huge part of his life and I am so very grateful that they have accepted Olivia and me with such open hearts and arms.  It has been a huge blessing.
July, August, and September must have flown by because there aren't many pictures... haha!

I know in August I started my Master's degree for Educational Technology Leadership and Administration.  I was embarking on an 18 month adventure.  It was completely online and I never had to step a foot on campus.  There were challenging months, but the whole program went by so fast!
Gettin' skinner!

October 2011 -

The crew went Ziplining! 

My life was becoming very comfortable and routine... just the way I had always wanted it!  Tim was an amazing asset to our lives and Olivia couldn't have been more excited to have a playmate around all the time!

Happy Times are Ahead!


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