Nov 1, 2013

Countdown to 30: Day 8

Writing all these posts is really making me focus on my past and all the memories, feelings, and accomplishments I had in the last decade.

November 2005
The year of 2006 was a busy and exciting year!!  I had moved back to Oklahoma City to begin my marriage and my student teaching at a Mid-Del Elementary.  I was placed with an AMAZING 2nd grade teacher who inspired, motivated, and encouraged me to be my best every single day.  My love of teaching prospered even more and I was totally floored when I was hired in MARCH to begin teaching that following August at the same school.  I couldn't wait.

 I graduated from Oklahoma State University in May 2006.  This was a pretty cool graduation as President George W. Bush was the speaker.  All I remember was sweating and being a tad bit miserable outside.

In April 2006, I took a big step as an adult and signed to build a brand new house.  The ex and I were excited little did I know it would be a huge mistake in the future and ready to start the journey of home ownership and large mortgage payments with a too big yard and HOA fees!

While waiting for the house to be built I lived in a rental house that had horrible ugly green carpet!  But, we had adopted a beautiful Boxer named Kylie!!  She was an amazing dog and so, so sweet.  I miss her!

In August 2006 I started teaching 2nd Grade.  It was a crazy, fast year full of many laughter, memories, and tears and wine.  I grew so much and made so many amazing friends.  I felt like my school was my home.  Ex husband worked nights, so I guess they were part of my family.  The friendships I made are still just as strong as ever.

The year 2007 became MUCH MORE traumatizing exciting and can't wait to share with you!

Apparently my first year of teaching also added a few pounds!  December 2006

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