Nov 26, 2013

My Measurements

So, I found that in May I did my measurements - you can find those here.

Today I was curious and had Megan measure me at the gym this morning.

Here are the results:
May 2013
Waist - 33"
Hips - 38"
Chest - 38"
Arm - 13"
Thigh - 25" 
Weight: Somewhere around 150-153
Pant Size: 8
November 2013
Waist: 34 1/2" (What happened here?!) (+1.5")
Hips: 39" (UGH!) (+1")
Chest: 36 3/4" (-1.25")
Arm: 11 3/4" (-1.25")
Thigh: 21" (-4") HALLELUJAH!
Weight: The exact same
Pant Size: The exact same (Although I do have my one pair of size 6 jeans in eyesight...)

April 2013 - Arms were not toned at all.
I am not too sure what happened in the waist and hips (well, I am... it was darn good food, and not much dieting (clean eating)) but now know I have some target areas to hit and some dieting to clean up.  However, I have ALWAYS been thigh-heavy.  Losing those inches on my thighs is pretty impressive and I owe it all to RUNNING and LIFTING HEAVY.  I had an ankle fracture in March that kept me from walking/running from April-June.  I wasn't cleared for any type of running until July.  But, I will do a complete running blog post in December after my first half marathon...OMG 12 days!

This was taken May 2013.  I need to take another
to compare.

Moral of this post: Always measure, always take pictures.  People on Facebook get very crabby when you post gym updates, workout selfies, etc.  NEWS FLASH: I chalk it up to jealousy.  To each their own.  However, the wonderful Instagram world is all devoted to PICTURES.  And there are people on there that I don't even know; giving me such great feedback, positive vibes, and overall good mojo!!  So, if you want some great motivation, some great feedback, and some great pictures to look at ... get yourself on Instagram!  You can find me @mneatherlin.  I love looking at people's results to help motivate me and I hope that my own pictures/results help motivate someone else.

No, I am not a blogger.  No, I am not a dietician.  No, I am not someone who has always been severely obese nor do I pretend I once was.  My highest weight was 196 the day I delievered my daughter 5.5 years ago. I stayed around 176 for 3 years after that before I decided to join Weight Watchers.  I did not join a gym or start lifting weights until February of 2011.  And then it was not consistent; more so when I had vacations, birthdays, summer, etc. coming up (i.e. excuses).  I started going to the gym three days a week and running once/twice a week hard core in August 2013, just to give you some sort of reference.

There are lots of people I can't connect with and that feel they can't connect with me because I've never been a certain size or weight; that is OKAY.  Find the people who HAVE been in your shoes.  Find the people who share your stats.  Find the people who MOTIVATE YOU! 

July 2013 - Cleared to run

June - Notice you don't see the
back view!

It is all about running, lifting heavy, and
Helping Megan with an ab video
Can you see my baby ab? ;)


Denise said...

Just found your blog, love it!

Denise said...

Just found your blog, love it!


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