May 22, 2013

Finding My Ooomph!

Can I start my post out with an excuse?  Does that work?  Well, oh well, it is what it is.  I've been on on the gimp-foot list for the past 5 weeks.  The first 4 were compete no-weight bearing, on a scooter, miserable crap.  Now I have four more weeks in a walking boot.  I much prefer this boot, but REALLY hate not being able to run or do cardio!  So, which brings me to my ..cough...excuse.  The past 5 weeks I have done like three workouts.  Everyone says "Well, your ankle is fractured."  Well, yeah, but the rest of my body ain't!  I should have some freakin' killer abs, arms, and back!  But nooooo, I lost my motivation and my will power.

I haven't gained any weight, but I can SEE the different in the tightness of my body.  Specifically my thighs and stomach.  It sucks.  Each day I wake up saying "This is IT!  This is THE day!  This is MY day!"  And then I turn off the alarm and grab a donut.  Haha, well, not really.  The eating has been fair.  I'm still staying on that plan, but not counting calories.  Just trying to eat and stay clean.

The past three weeks I have participated in the Weigh in Wednesday.  I'm not a slave to the scale, but I do have to keep myself on track or I lose it.  And I do NOT weight every day.  But like I said, I've noticed negative changes in the 5 past five weeks.

Weigh Ins -
Week 1: 149.6
Week 2: 149.6
Week 3: 150.6 - Just got back from a 4 day vacation with zero water drinking.  I'm pleased with this 1 pound!

Today as I was scrolling my IG (mneatherlin) I came across Jules' new blog post.  I don't know this lady, but I KNOW this lady.  I get her.  I love seeing her posts.  I love seeing her clean eating and her #missionbikiniready posts!  She seems about my body type, my motivation level, etc. and she posts some awesome inspirational stuff!  Check her out here!

So, I'm following her lead and I just took my measurements.  I go on my Playa Del Carmen honeymoon in the middle of June and I am DETERMINED to see some difference by then!  I am still in a boot until then, but the excuses are OVER!  I will be back at Megan's 5am club TOMORROW in my glorious boot doing everything I can! 

Without further hesitation:
Waist - 33"
Hips - 38"
Chest - 38"
Arm - 13"
Thigh - 25"

I don't really have anything to compare these to since I haven't ever really taken any measurements.  So, the next measurement day will be June 11.  I WILL SEE CHANGE!



Je Ne Sais Quoi Jules said...

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! This is awesome!!! I totally ❤it! & your tags for now on need to be #missionsmokinhotbodbyhoneymoon lol, ok a little long, we can work on that! ;) and you're correct, our body types are very similar... get back on SkinnyMeg & Mamas workout train & YOU GOT THIS!!!! :) measurements is where IRS at! Xoxoxoxoxo

Je Ne Sais Quoi Jules said...

"Where IT'S at".... stupid auto correct


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