Nov 3, 2013

Countdown to 30: Day 6

The year is 2007/2008... one of the BEST years of my life!  I was 24 years old. :)

After the storm calmed a bit, I became the happiest pregnant lady!  I loved being pregnant, well, until I started to hate it around 36 weeks.  I loved feeling Olivia.  I loved feeling her kick.  I was one of those women who didn't mind their tummy being touched or rubbed... I loved it!

33 Weeks - Veins and stretch marks!

Maternity shots - Holy Belly!
As the first of 2008 went by, I dreamed of how Olivia and I would make it.  I knew I was strong, but how strong would I be once she arrived?

I had two amazing baby showers where I was completely spoiled and pampered. 
Olivia's nursery theme was Little Suzy's Zoo - I had been collecting items since high school!
Miss my Granny :(
Big Belly Beautiful!
(Weight loss blurb: I weighed 163lb when I peed on the stick... I delivered a beautiful baby girl at 196lb.  The journey to get back to 'myself' took over 3 years, but I'm glad to say that my 30s will be starting about 10lbs UNDER pre-pregnancy weight.)

My official due date was May 15th, 2008.  Around the beginning of April I started bugging my doctor about an early induction.  I was miserable, I couldn't sleep, and I just wanted my baby.  I also wasn't one who wanted to go into any surprise labors.  (Disclaimer: My doctor was in complete control, did an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay, and would not have induced me if she felt the baby or myself were in danger.)

My induction was set for May 1, 2008.  You can read my birth story here.

At 12:48pm Olivia Rose entered the world weighing 6lb 6oz and measuring 20" long.  She was my new life and it is so hard to remember life before her.
Sweet girl!
Miss my Grandpa :(
The girl had TONS of bows...
All of the struggles I had faced, all of the tears, all of the heartache, all of the worries, all of the uncertainties.... it all melted away.  This little girl was mine.  She came from my body.  She looked at me with eyes that told me everything was going to be okay.  She was 7lb and my complete rock.

(I am just hitting on moments here, but this is where my blog kind of started; with my pregnancy.  Feel free to go back and read all about our full year of 2008.)

Sweet baby girl.
Olivia's ears were pierced around 16 weeks. 

First Halloween :)  My chunky monkey!

In August my dear Grandpa was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  I remember the day.  I had never felt so sad.  This little girl LOVED her Great-Grandpa... so many smiles and laughs with him.  I still tear up thinking of her never knowing the man I adored.  November 10, 2008 my Grandpa walked into the arms of the Lord.  Olivia was still laughing and talking to him during the viewing... she, of course, had no idea... but I thought it was pretty awesome that they were still able to communicate. :)

September - Grandpa's 80th Birthday
Thanksgiving was celebrated in Texas where Olivia got to try mashed potatoes! 

I think she liked them!
My mom - Our Rock!
See you in 2008/2009!

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