May 9, 2008

The Birth Story!

Okay.. Birth story..
Cervidil started Wed. at 1pm. Dilated to 1cm, 80% effaced. No problems what so ever. Back pain started around midnight, couldn't get comfortable. Pitossin (sp?), antibiotics (Strep B +), saline, and demerol all given at 2am. I believe doing all this at once put Olivia into some stress. Her h/b went down to 60, they traced her several places and then put oxygen on me to help her out. Very scary. I was doped on the demerol, therefore I really didn't know what what going on.
About 4am I was still in excruciating back pain and couldn't sleep. I was on the ball, etc. I got back in bed about 5am to try and rest. The pit was still not really bothering me, nor bringing on dilation or contractions. While I was in bed I felt what felt like a kick very low followed by a small gush. I told mom I think I had just peed on myself. It wasn't sure because it wasn't a lot of liquid. But, I got checked and confirmed my water had broken. Well, by 5:10am the contractions were on top of each other. I labored horrendously from 5-7am. I was still only 1 1/2 cm. but fully effaced. I was in so much pain. I can't even describe it. I was cussing out mom, my sister, and XH. LOL. It was awful. (HOOORAY to you Mom's who go natural!!!!)
At 7am my nurse fibbed a bit, said I was 3cm and ordered my epi. I LOVED the epi!!! I was so nervous, but it was sooo much easier and nicer than the contractions. He let me curl up on the bed instead of hunch over. XH rubbed my hair and hand the whole time.
By 7:30 I was in HOG HEAVEN. It was great!! Anytime I closed my eyes I would dream some CRAZY dreams. LOL. I was checked again about 8am and was between a 4-5cm.
By 8:30-9:00 I was very close to being complete. Yet, the epi started to wear off. I had it on a drip but to no avai. The good man came back and gave me another dose straight to my catheter. Within minutes, I was once again in heaven.
They asked me about 9:30 if I was ready to push. I told them no because my dad wasn't available to be there until 12pm. About 11am, my nurse told me to try a few practice pushes. She then realized it was time to call the doc and see "what could be done" due to Olivia's position. Well, that worried me because I wasn't sure "what could be done" meant. LOL
Doc was there about 11:30 (dad was there shorlty after). About the time I got my feet in the stirrups and ready to go, two WINDOW WASHERS came by!!!! LOL, it was great to see everyone lunge towards the blinds.
Serious pushing started at 11:45 with my doctor. I was completely and utterly numb. Couldn't move my own legs or lower body at all. So they would yell push and I would push, hoping it was in the right area!
At about 12pm, she was prepping the vacuum or plunger as it looked. She also called in a slew of people to start helping me push and support her. The anethesiologist was pushing hard on my stomach with each contraction as my doc was LIFTING up on Olivia because she was STUCK behind my pelvic bone. Olivia had slowly rotated herself, but was down low behind my bone.
After three attemps with vacuum, they finally all started yelling "This is it, this is it!" and I pushed with what all I could (not much). They put the receiving blankets on my stomach and I instantly started crying as well as XH. Within moments she was on my tummy just looking around. She wasn't crying but wasn't in distress. Very pink and covered in vernix.
They allowed her to stay on my until they had her cleaned off and then I let them take her to the warmer for all of baby stuff.
Doc had to cut me: 2nd degree. She said not bad for a first pregnancy and a vacuum.
Olivia was 6 lb, 6oz. 20" long.
If you made it this far, congrats. :)
I was too swollen and numb to pee. So I had to be cath'd three times which hurts like labor all over again.
Thanks to everyone for all of your love, support, and encouragement the past nine months.

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