Jan 3, 2010

Day 3...

Yay for lazy days!!

Tomorrow I head back to work and Olivia goes back to daycare. She has not been awake before 10am the past week, so 7:00am should be real interesting for her. :(

I am sad to go back to work, but I have missed my coworkers!

We started the morning watching Barney... as she was dancing while sitting.

Then this is how we ended the night.... lol. Pure comfort around here!

In between we made some cookies! Stupendous, yummy sugar cookies with M&Ms!
And just because she is cute. She LOVES this horse... carries it around all day. We are still working on the Cozy Coupe. She sits in it all the time, but doesn't know how to go forward yet.

1 comment:

Christina said...

Lazy days are the best! Gracie got the same little car for Christmas (just in pink)! We just got it home last night, so she hasn't had a chance to play in it. Your cookies look yummy!


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