Jan 2, 2010

Day 1..

Okay, here is the first New Years Resolution! I am taking a HUGE leap here and making it completely PUBLIC. I want to blog every single day for a year... doesn't mean it has to be a novel, but I am going to try to take at least one picture of Olivia and/or me every day. My other blogger friend, Christina, is in the middle of this adventure, check out her blog! Okay, so now, everyone to has help keep me in line!!

Day 1 (yesterday... oops, already behind? HAHA)

New Years Eve...

I kissed my little girl goodbye and told her I would see her next year. Dear sweet Nana was keeping her for the night! I got to go out with several friends to dinner, a casino, and then back to a friends house to play board games and enjoy a few drinks.

I didn't get home till 2am. Woohooo... party animal here!

Sorry these few pictures are blurry, they were taken with my phone.

And here is a picture of Olivia and Kylie on New Years Day (Day 1)


Christina said...

Yay! I'm excited to follow along! :) I've found that there are times when it can really be a challenge, but my family adores what I'm doing, and I really enjoy taking a moment each day to write about my little girl! I'm looking forward to seeing where the next 365 days take you and Olivia!

Anonymous said...
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