Jan 11, 2010

Day 11...

It is amazing to sit back and watch Olivia grow. My, my this little girl sure is feisty, independent, and stubborn... and there are some days I wish she wasn't quite so much... but, nonetheless, she is mine, and she isn't going anywhere. :)

Some normal conversations you hear in our home:
Me - Olivia, lets get some bites.
Olivia - No
Me- Your not hungry?
Olivia - Cup?
Me- You want a drink?
Olivia - No

Me - Time to take a bath
Me - No, horsie can't go in the bath
Me - No, you can't take your milk with you in the tub, either.
Me - YOU can go in the tub though!

Olivia - Uh Oh (symbolizing the video is over) Uh oh, uh ohhhhhh!!!!!!
(She hands me the remote and signs 'please' over and over and over)
Me - We aren't watching the video again. Give me the remote and let's play.
Olivia - Nooooooo (throws the remote and herself on the floor)

Oy... what a sweet, peaceful child she is.

Our favorite book right now is
How ironic, huh? All the "David" series are great. There are two parts that I read that she still looks at me to see if I am reading or speaking to her.

He burps and says "Excuse Me!" I guess because I say it around her, she thinks I am speaking to her.
And then David realizes he really is the problem, and says "I'm Sorry"... she always looks back to see if I am apologizing. Maybe she does have feelings! haha jk


Christina said...

I had to laugh about her throwing the remote and herself in the floor! :) I will have to check that book out, it sounds cute! Thanks for sharing!

Andrea said...

I love my niece, I can completely see all of these things happening. She's an active little girl, much like her mama was..hmmm...


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