Jan 16, 2014

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse - The Results Are In!

Day 9:

I'm so close to being done I can taste it.  It scares me.  It scares me that I will go right into binging or bringing back in worthless carbs to my life.  My hubby reassured me that we won't and it is a lifestyle choice with a few cheats.  Whew.  Glad there is someone sensible in the house... except he DID order Girl Scout Cookies... hmm.

Where the weights have been thus far:
(I think Day 8 was different from what I originally posted, but this was after trying to focus the camera a few times, I believe it was 151.2)

Pre-Workout - Boiled egg and banana
Breakfast: McDonald's Oatmeal - No brown sugar.  Didn't know they added cream as well, or would have got it without that.  But man, it was GOOD! (and fiber drink)
Lunch: Tilapia, bell peppers, roma tomato
Dinner: Sweet potato, corn, turkey sauce, and carrots.
Snacks: Almonds, Spark, Edamame

Workout - Today we did a new Body Pump release.  Let's just say, I didn't realize I should have lighted my chest, back, and shoulder weight.  I am SO sore.  However, now that I know I can do that much weight, no need to back off now!  I also got in a quick, and awesome, 3.3 mile run.  I am not usually EVER this fast.  I just had a LOT of energy and felt AMAZING during the run!  Maybe it was the Spark I drank about an hour before!

 Pre-workout: Half a banana and boiled egg (30 minutes of spin and 30 minutes of turbo)
Breakfast: half banana ... didn't plan too well here.
Lunch: Leftover sweet potato and turkey sausage, grapes, and 1/2 avocado
Snacks: Almonds, Spark, bell peppers

Dinner?  Oh... just some all-you-can-eat crab legs.  hahaha!!

So the results... drum roll please!

I'd really love to tone my back up more...It'll get there!

The fluff and bloat is gone... now to tone it!

Small difference in waist... looks more toned.
(Day 1 - Day 10 = Difference)

Left Calf - 15.5 - 15.5 = same
Right Calf  - 15.5 - 15 = -.5
Left Thigh - 24 - 22.5 = -1.5
Right Thigh - 23.5 - 23 = -.5
Hips - 37.5 - 37 = -.5
Waist - 32.5 - 32 = -.5
Bust - 36 - 36 = same
Left Arm - 12 - 11 = -1
Right Arm- 13 - 12 = -1

Inches Lost = 5.5  
Weight Lost = 5.8

I'm so proud of myself.  Most of all, I know none of this defines me.  I am a successful, loving, caring wife and mother and THAT is how I measure my success.  #getitdone  #loveyourself


Debbie C. said...

Congratulations Meredith!! You look awesome!! I need to find your strength and dedication and finally get rid of this mess hanging on me. Can't wait to see after you tone up those places you were mentioning. I KNOW you can do it!! Way to go!!!!!!!

Stephanie Marie said...

Way to go on the cleanse! Looks like it was a huge success.



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