Feb 13, 2014

Do you smell that funk?

I have this funk.  I have this funk surrounding me like thick smog.

It came back with me after my work trip last week.  Last Tuesday I left town for a work conference.  The SkinnyMeg diet bet was ending on Wednesday.  I knew I had to keep myself in control until the bet was over and then I could relax a bit.  The work conference was in Austin, Texas; the restaurant capital of Texas.  My coworkers already had restaurants lined up to visit!  Note: I am not a lifelong clean eater.  I really am not even sure I have made clean eating a lifestyle just yet.  Do I know what I need to do?  Yes.  Do I know how to clean eat?  Yes.  Do I know what changes I begin to see when clean eating?  Absolutely.  Do I like it?  Not all the time.  I like to binge, I like to have my cravings and enjoy them.

I ate Cracker Barrell (healthy menu) and chicken fajitas on Tuesday.  I drank water like a fish trying to ward off any sodium whiplash for Wednesday morning weigh in.  Wednesday morning, I won that Dietbet!  I came in under my goal weight and was finally able to relax.  Well, relax I did.  My hotel room didn't have a refrigerator or I would have totally brought my own breakfast items.  Eating out 3 meals a day for 3 days can actually be tiring and super expensive.  I had Mexican, crepes, pizza, dessert, mojitos, paninis... etc, etc. etc.  I kept up my water intake, but I still came home from Austin with weight gain.

Wednesday DietBet - 151.6
Friday Back at Home - 156.0

It is amazing how much weight I can put back on.  Did my pants feel tighter?  No.  Did I feel like a slob? Yeah.  I know I preach to stay away from the scale, but sometimes I need my own reality check and I knew it was going to be nasty.

Fast forward to today... today I weighed in at my Health Screening at 154.0.  I'm still hanging on to some of the Austin weight.  And you know why?  Because I'm in a mini funk.  I hurt my foot on a long run Sunday morning.  I didn't work out Tuesday, I went Wednesday, and skipped again this morning.  I've been working out religiously since August 3-4 days a week.  So yes, everyone can get into a funk, it is just HOW you're going to get back out of it.

My eating has still been crap which I believe adds to my funk.  I'm more tired, my stomach is not always settled, and I'm just overall blah.

So, I am not giving up.  I'm headed right now to the foot doctor to make sure I haven't done something terrible and then I am moving forward.  Long runs this weekend, back to working out next week (espcially since my motivator and morning gossip buddy is having a baby in 20 days), I've gotta get my head back in the game!

How do you get the funk off of you??

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Jessica said...

I have been in a funk since fall. Then Mid January I started to recommit, but this the snow hit, cough, cold season hit and i'm in a funk again. But I have a half marathon coming up in April and I have got to get my butt in gear!! And I think my anxiety about the half marathon might be making it worse. So i'm just diving in. This weekend it is all about running. Good luck getting out of your funk! They stink!


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