Feb 27, 2014

Valentine's Day!

About 3 weeks ago my husband, Tim, informed me that he would be taking care of Valentine's Day.  I believe that is a woman's dream come true, I didn't have to think, plan, make reservations, etc.  It was going to be done for me!  (Thankfully, my Mom was coming to town to watch Olivia.  She is awesome like that.)  My husband is an amazing man, husband, and father.  He does so much for me and our daughter that I often find it hard to repay him.  He truly is my better half!

Once I learned he was planning the day, I decided I should probably find him a pretty awesome gift.  He doesn't want much, nor does he shop much, so... I went the functional route... something for our home (and it doesn't hurt that I LOVE it just as much).  I was born near Oklahoma City and he was born in Andrews, Texas.  It is always a running feud betweeen us as to who lived(s) in the better state.  So, I found something we would both agree on!  (Sorry it is sideways!)

This beautiful creation came from Herring Design Co. - I searched through many, many string art designers and was most impressed by her intricate detailing in her work.  Not to mention, she worked with me on price and shipping (bonus!) since it was so close to Valentine's Day!  I defintely recommend you check out her work!  She even does shapes and objects and words!  Just awesome.

So, back to Valentine's Day.  The day was finally here and Tim had me pick up his dry cleaning.  He was wearing slacks and a nice long-sleeved button up shirt... I just wanted to crawl into my pajamas.  However, I didn't.  I got myself all prettied up.  We even took a selfie.  It turned out to be a great picture of the two of us.  I think we only had one out-take... he had to learn the dos and dont's of selfies. :)

Tim brought a tie with us to try and blindfold me when we got close the destination... I decided that wasn't a great idea since I get car sick, so I just put my head down.  Once I was escorted out of the car and safely up the steps, I got to open my eyes.  We were in a restaurant that had model planes hanging from the ceiling.  I knew I had heard of the place and guessed it was a terminal, but the best was yet to come... after our romantic dinner for two, we were going FLYING over Dallas in a little plane!

Fair Park - Cotton Bowl Stadium

I was beyond excited and so, so grateful.  He had spent the time to find us the perfect surprise and he was just as giddy.  It really made it such a special day to share that memory as a couple.

The Reunion Tower in Dallas was in full Valentine's Mode!

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