Jan 14, 2014

Advocare Cleanse: Day 7 and 8

I hope you're still sticking with me, I'm almost done!  But, what does done really mean?  Am I done eating healthy, clean, and/or without processed foods?  I shouldn't be.  Am I craving terrible things?  Heck yes.  Will I have a cheat meal when I'm done?  Yes.  Will it continue?  Nope, I've made too much progress right now.

Day 7:

Breakfast: Meal Replacement Shake
Lunch: We went to Fish City Grill for lunch.  I had amazing grilled tilapia fish tacos.  I had no cheese, but I did dip them a bit in the spicy tartar sauce.  It was also a large flour tortilla.  I did not eat the rice, but I did try one hushpuppy.  And it was the most delicious thing, ever!
Dinner: Leftover cabbage soup

Snacks throughout the day: almonds, spark, strawberries, and popcorn.

I found this popcorn at Aldi and sprinkled it with the butter flavoring.  It was just what I needed for that sweet/salty craving.
Day 8:
Wellllllll, so this was my first 'gain' and I'm not sure I even consider it a gain.  However, yesterday was my first day to have 'carby' stuff - the fish taco, the popcorn, etc.  Oh well!

Preworkout - 1/2 avocado, boiled egg

And if you are joining me from Megan's page - You'll soon know that we are friends outside of Internet life, haha.  We gym together and raise kids together... however, we don't incubate babies together... she's on her own for that one!  This is our morning counter while getting ready at the gym... she has it ALL!
Can you tell my side?  haha  #minimalist

Breakfast: Fiber drink (only two more, yay!) and an orange/cutie
Snack: Almonds
Lunch: Cabbage soup, boiled egg
Snack: Blueberries
Dinner: Tilapia and sauteed zucchini/squash

 I sprinkled on Mrs. Dash, Old Bay, lemon juice, and baked the lemons on top of the fish.  They were delish!  I had never been a fish fan (unless it came from Long John's Silvers.. haha) until I started cooking my own Tilapia.  It is not fishy and I enjoy the fullness I receive from it.  I had two fishes tonight.

So here are some pictures I'd like to share with you.
July 2013

January 2014
July - I probably weighed around 155 in that picture.  Today I am 151.  It is not about that number, ladies.  It is about working out, running, cardio, lifting weights, eating right, etc... Ya know, all that crappy stuff.  Yes, it sucks, but you want to see change?  You've got to make change.

Only 2 days to go!!!!


Laura Borchert said...

You mentioned feeling FULL from tilapia....really? I love eating it but I feel like after 30 minutes, I'm ready to eat again. Should I try eating more of it. I think I usually just have 1 piece but I'm sure size all varies. Thoughts?

Christy said...



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