Oct 27, 2009

Aww... my first award! :)

Thank you Jade for giving me my first award! Now watch out, Kanye may show up!!

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their blog.

2. Share 10 honest things about yourself.

3. Present this award to 7 others whose blogs you find brilliant in design or content.

4. Tell those 7 people they have been awarded.

First, 10 honest things about myself.

1. I despise crust on bread. I will pick it all off or eat around it.

2. I am controlling. I guess that is a little bit of why I became a teacher. I knew I would be in control and could get the job done.

3. Sometimes I KNOW my house is disgusting and I really just don't care. There are spider webs, there are dead bugs in the corners... I know, gross, but doesn't really bother me.

4. I am SO ready to get divorced it is not even funny.

5. I text and drive way way way tooooo much. I scare myself sometimes. I need a handsfree texting device.

6. I am guilt of allowing Olivia to watch Barney in the car way too often. If I make sure the TV is flipped up before she gets in the car, I can easily distract her. But if the TV is already down, forget it.... Barney it is!

7. I want to lose weight, I really do. But, I don't have the ambition to do it. I love to eat. I love to eat sweets. And then I get on the scale the next morning and really hate sweets.

8. I often think horrible thoughts of Olivia dying. I watch the news and wonder HOW people kill their own children. I think of parents who drown their kids, parents who leave their kids in the car.... I get very sad and sick to my stomach to think I even have the POWER to hurt my child in such a way. I fear for her life every single day.

9. I read blogs for hours at night. I can find people's blogs and instantly 'favorite' them. Makes me feel a little like a stalker.

10. I will hit the snooze at least 6 times ever morning. That is 30 minutes of interrupted sleep that I love. I feel like I am giving myself more sleep... almost a indescribable feeling!

Now to award 7 other blogs.

Did I mention I am also stubborn? I will choose 5.

1. My sister. Andrea is my partner in crime, my jury, and my best friend. She blogs about my beautiful niece, Astoria.

2. The Quad Blog. I have been reading Suz's blog since the babies were born. I love reading about her sometimes hectic life and beautiful children. She is such a strong Mama!

3. Cheating as well.... Jade is a wonderful woman. A fellow teacher who I met on Babycenter. We were trying to conceive at the same time and unfortunately, she is still trying. Her destiny is taking a bit longer than wanted/expected, but nonetheless WILL happen!

4. I just found this blog about two weeks ago, and I'm not even sure she knows I read her blog. See, feel like a stalker! But she is a young teenage, single Mother raising one cuuuute boy and doing a great job! Like I said, I don't know her from Adam, but she is fun to read and I relate just a bit.

5. And, another blog I found through a blog. This blog has touched me more than ever. This Mom is so super strong. She has three beautiful children, has an Angel baby, has #5 baby on the way, AND her husband is MIA (as she puts it). Wow... just awesome to read!

WHEW!!! Thanks Jade! :)


Suzanne said...

awwww! thanks for the kind words! you sweet sweet woman!!!

blessings to you and your precious fam!

Christina said...

You deserve this award! You have a really great, and honest, blog! Plus, little Olivia is just too cute.

Rock Doll said...

Aww... Thanks! I love your blog by the way. I didn't know you read mine, but I do now!
Your little Olivia is adorable.
And do't worry, your not a stalker! These blogs are meant to be read.


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