Nov 2, 2009

Not Me Monday - Goooood stuff!!!

Oh these should be good!

I would never let my child eat so many suckers on Halloween that particles of... who knows what... stick to her face. Nope, never.My child would never lick Clifford.

This Mommy would not lure her child closer to the camera with a Tootsie Roll. Nope.
I would never allow my child to hit me in the head with a Glow Stick... laugh... think it was funny, AND allow someone to take a picture of it!Of course my daaaaahhhhling daughter would not feed my niece a french fry. Wait, maybe she would. But I know I would never allow her to do it!
I would not allow my daughter to lick 3 tubs of butter at the Mexican restaurant just to keep her quiet.And I most certainly would not take a picture of her face afterwards because it was just so cute!
Aaaaaannnddddd.... my sister and I would never allow my father to feed my niece GUACAMOLE on her pacifier!!
My daughter would never force a fake smile because I said "Olivia, show me your smile!"

I would not keep my child up way past her bedtime just so that she would sleep a bit later in the morning.
I would never take my child to Target, in her pajamas, at 8:30pm just so that I can buy her the black glitter shoes.
I would never use my deceased Grandma's Handicap Tag so that I can park closer to the entrances.

Whew, I feel much better! There were more from the weekend, but that is all that I can remember!


Christina said...

Oh my gosh, those are good! LOL! And the pictures are priceless! I'm loving the "forced smile", butter face, and guacamole on the pacifier! HAHA!

JadeyGC06 said...

OMG! Thanks Meredith! Those were goood! Haha The tubs of butter is my favorite Not Me.


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