Nov 30, 2009

It has been awhile.... therefore, I have things to share!

I would never throw Poptarts at my daughter in the car. It is not my fault she is riding so far in the back and I can't reach her.

I would not eat at McDonalds for breakfast, Subway for lunch, and have pecan pie for dinner. That would be disgusting. Never.

Because I love doing laundry, I would not let it sit in the clothes basket for...well...longer than it should be.

Because I am always tidy and neat, I would never notice the dust streaks on my television and then leave them there. Ew. No.

My daughter is quiet and perfect at Walmart, always. Therefore, my sister and I would never have to feed Olivia marshmallows in order to keep her quiet.


I would never let my daughter eat a granola bar she found in the floorboard of the car. It is only... a day or two old. :)

1 comment:

JadeyGC06 said...

HAHA! I love your Not Me!s this week! :)


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