Oct 6, 2009

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'...

So this is the view that caught my eye last night. I couldn't go on without taking a picture. So many thoughts flooded me at once.

The little girl that wears these brown fuzzy boots is my life. She fills them and my life perfectly. She fills it with happiness, calmness, and a sense of wonder all at the same time. We fit together. Just like her shoes, we are a pair. We work as a team, with one foot in front of the other everyday, all day.

This little girl makes me smile all day, everyday. She makes me stop and slow down. She makes me watch my words, my actions, and even my thoughts.

She lights up any room she is in. She provides smiles when you have tears. She provides laughter when you just want to cry. She does something completely silly when all you want is to be serious. She never does the predictable, which prepares me for my life. When is life EVER predictable?

She makes me realize that our lives together are happy times... limited times... and the most precious times of my life.

Who fills the shoes in your life?


Andrea said...

There are many people who fill the shoes in my life. You my dear sister are one of those very awesome people!

JadeyGC06 said...

I LOVE this post Meredith! Sooo sweet!


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