Oct 27, 2009

Tonight Olivia had her first Trick or Treating experience! We went to the Oklahoma City Haunt the Zoo. They set the zoo up for trick or treaters and passed out yummy treats. Not so good for the Mommy trying to lose weight and the child who can't eat it all yet. :)
In attendance was of course me, Olivia, Nana, Cindy, TJ, and Doug. We love doing things with the Yarnells and couldn't ask for better friends.
Olivia LOVED seeing all the costumes. Nothing seem to bother her and even beat up on a 'Dinosaur'. TJ, on the other hand, had to be bribed with food to stay in the stroller. He wasn't too fond!
Can you tell Olivia had her bangs cut? She can actually see!

Its amazing to watch Olivia grow up. I have said it so many times, she is the light of my life. I love experiencing all of her firsts with her. Everything is new and so exciting and she will tell you about it. Anytime she sees something exciting to her it is an immediate 'Ooooooohhhhhh....". It is THE CUTEST thing ever.

I love her!

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