Oct 28, 2007

waiting... waiting..

I'm sitting here, as patiently as possible, until my parents are home!!! Aaahhhh, I am leaving in about 10 minutes to go get them dinner and meet them at their house. I have missed them sooooo much!!

Soooo yesterday I went drastic! ;) My hair was about to the top of my shoulders, long enough to put it in a ponytail and blonde. Lots of blonde highlights. Today? Shorter than my chin and DARK brown!! I told my lady I wanted to be my natural color when my roots started to show so that it would all blend it. Weelll, it's darker than I imagined, but it does match my eyebrows!!! I absolutely love the cut, it fits me! ;) Now I feel like a runaway who had to change her appearence to protect her identity. LOL. I will have mom take pics tonight and will try to post them tomorrow or so.

I went to WalMart tonight and bought stuff to make stew. I've never made stew, so now I have all the ingredients and have no idea what to do with them. I'm sure I'll get some wonderful advice!

Tomorrow is my second doctor's visit. I can't wait to hear the heartbeat again. I HATE not feeling the baby yet and not hearing the HB often. It makes me feel, besides the constant late night crumminess, that nothing is going on. I also plan on buying a heartbeat dopplar thing off Ebay so I can hear it anytime I want! :)

Will keep everyone posted. I sure still need those GIRL vibes!!

Lots of love..

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