Oct 7, 2007

Fun in the Rain

We got a very nice relaxing rain last night. For some reason, I felt I needed to go walking in it. It was coming down pretty good, but not a down pour. Anyway, walked down to Rhonda's, and then we went walking. It felt good to be out. I don't really consider myself depressed or "holed up" in my house, but it did feel good to get out and talk. Found out DAH created a Myspace back in June. If you know anything about our relationship from the past, Myspace was completely off limits in our marriage. Well, guess he decided he wanted to end the marriage awhile ago. That had me fuming all night last night. And then some, excuse me, skanky fat girl commenting on his pictures, lol. Oh man, it's okay, just one more thing to keep me mad. I sent him a message telling him he better not EVER try to get back with me since he created a Myspace back in June. His response? "I made it to see if you would ever find it, I never used it". Hahahahaha, riiiiiiiight. What a jerk. Chalk one up to my list of "new husband" requirements.
Anyways, got the house cleaned last night. No more signs of DAH. I cleaned all the pee around the toilet he always seemed to miss. Cleaned up all his little hairs from shaving. Also spackled and painted the holes above the mantle from the Plasma. I felt much better. Was completely worn out from cleaning, but it looks and makes me feel better.
Today I need to be outside. My garden looks horrible. My tree is supposed to be turning a beautiful red and instead the leaves are turning black, so I watered it. I know, Mom, probably a little too late at this point. So now the garden is bogged down with black leaves and my Marigold heads need to be picked off. Blah, I don't feel like it though.

Well, enough from me today. Have a great Sunday everyone!

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Marie said...

Oy! Playing in the rain was sooo much fun!! I love you mere!!


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