Aug 27, 2008


Hi fellow readers.... if anyone is still

Life is going great. I'm still tired a lot, but getting better. My students are starting to understand how 2nd grade works and their crabby teacher.

Olivia is getting so big! Within the past two weeks or so we have gained excellent control of our arms. She can now bring her hands to her face/mouth without banging herself in the head. She loves to rub her eyes and chew on her fingers. She is also able to grab a toy hanging and sitting somewhere and hang on, even bring it to her mouth!

She also HATES to lay back. Anytime you lay her back, she will protest by pushing her little body forward! Quite the defiant one I have on my hands.

I am looking forward to the three day weekend. I hope everyone else is as well!


Anonymous said...

I am reading! Thanks for the updates, because she will look so different when I come the next time, that I may not recognize her!
Love to yu

Anonymous said...

What's up? How is school? Missing you and Livey!
Aunt Joyce

Anonymous said...

still reading to keep up to date sowrite more again!Love ya


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