Aug 13, 2008

Back to Work

Well, I'm back at work. Blah is all I can say. I'm, of course, blessed to have a job, but I still don't really want to be here. I have 19 second graders. They all have the attention span of about 5 minutes. I forgot (after teaching 3rd last year) how little these kids are, how much they don't know, and how much they NEED to know!
Leaving Olivia is of course still tough. I feel like I never get to see her awake anymore. I'm supposed to start working at Sylvan again next week. I'm rethinking. I'm definitely needing the money, but being away from her is so sad. I'm so scared she is going to know her Nana more than her Mama. :( Send the prayers my way! My mom is doing a GREAT job with her! They run errands and do fun things together. Once again, so blessed to have her with my mom.
If you haven't heard, Andrea (my sister) is pregnant! I get to be an Aunt! I'm so excited for her and Rex and pray for them daily!
That is about all for now.

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