Dec 6, 2007

Preggo Dreams!

I thought I would fill you all in on my very vivid dream last night..

So (in my dream) I gave birth last night to Joel Copper. (haha). Before then though I was going through a wedding ceremony and crying because I didn't really want to marry the man I was marrying, yet the baby had to have a dad (XDAH maybe?) So we got married and the next day I had a bouncing baby BOY. Yet, he was not an infant. More like 4-5 months old. He was already holding his head up and sitting in a high chair. We were taking a tour of an ambulance so he could see what it was like (?). If I said a word he would repeat it, like microwave and ambulance. Smart kid!!! Haha, yet I was freaking out because I had forgotten to bring (we were at my Aunt Joyce's house!) how much he was supposed to eat duing his first week, like ounces. So I gave him some applesauce.
Oh man, the dream was clear as day and still is! Haha, anyone a dream interpreter out there?!


Anonymous said...

My goodness, what adream! You must have eaten too many pickles or,like I did, salad cherry peppers, when I was pregnant with Brad. I still love them too!
I am honored to have been in your dream, however! I just hope the house was clean for the baby!:)
Aunt Joyce

kay said...

You must have been talking to my mom...dang ambulances.


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